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Server IP & Rules
« on: August 02, 2016, 04:13:01 AM »
Greetings Everyone our server ip for Black Hawk Down is
Code: [Select]    The Port is
Code: [Select]
Hope to see ya in the server!

Here are the following rules that we would like you to follow!
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1.  No Racism, Obscene or Foul Language.
2.  Respect everyone including Moderators and Owners.
3.  Our server allows Recruiting and we Encourage you to share your server info here.
4.  Its only a game.. Please Understand that this game has natural glitches and issues..
5.  Please provide video footage of the hacker in question..
6.  This is an English speaking server only.. If other languages are spoken you will be banned.
7.  If you don't like a map please let us know! (Specify whats wrong with the map)
8.  This server is not officially sponsored by any squad..
9.  Owner reserves the right to take down the server to work on it and provide proper maintenance..
10. Lets have fun! Encourage others to enjoy the game as well!

Teamspeak ip info..
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