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Server listing as i have it..
« on: August 19, 2016, 01:16:34 PM »

Greetings everyone this is what I have on Game servers If you are aware of servers not listed in this list let me know I will try to keep it up to date.. Also will be posting this at so that in case the nova world forums go down their is still a place to go..

Ok so here it goes..
Game Server List
Server Name---------Type of Game---------------IP----------------------Port Number
RealSnipers-----------Team Deathmatch----------
RS-Death Match------Deathmatch-----------------
USA STATS2----------Deathmatch-----------------
Vow Test Server-----Team King of the Hill--------
V W Port: 17490-----Team King of the Hill--------
USA Snipers----------Deathmatch-----------------
Solitary Sniper-------Team Deathmatch----------
Nation of Snipers-----Team Deathmatch----------
LegendSnipers LS----Team Deathmatch----------
Eurosnipers-----------Team Deathmatch---------
BHD Home------------Team Deathmatch--------
-X Razorball-----------Flag Ball-------------------
-X Deathmatch--------Deathmatch--------------- ------17479
! BIA -------------------Team Deathmatch-------- ------21575
!RealSoldiers----------Team Deathmatch--------
!Julies Party!----------Team Deathmatch--------
!JT---------------------Team Deathmatch-------- 17479
!BHDMMWH COOP---Cooperative--------------- ------17479
!!! WOA---------------Team Deathmatch---------
!!!! FTF- Squad-------Team Deathmatch---------
!!!! DFW Squa--------Team Deathmatch---------
! Tactical Sniper ------Deathmatch----------------
! King of the Hill-------
! EID Map Test--------Team Deathmatch--------- ------17480
! FAS ------------------Team Deathmatch---------
! TTB ------------------Team Deathmatch---------
! Makersfield----------Team Deathmatch---------
! EID Main ------------Team Deathmatch---------
! Ao1 ------------------Team Deathmatch---------
! AS-------------------Team Deathmatch---------

I sorry for all the dashes.. for some reason the forum doesn't understand tabs..

I know novalogic probably doesn't want to hear this but at this time the only way to access the game with novaworld being down especially if new ips are listed is the pinger.. Until novawold comes back up this is my thought on how to solve the temporary issue..
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