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Pinger Installation Instructions
« on: August 22, 2016, 12:45:55 AM »
Greetings this is a short tutorial on how to install pinger on your already running Delta Force Black Hawk Down configuration..

First download pinger..

and follow directions provided in the video..

pinger server config:

Possible file location where pinger could be installed.
Code: [Select]
C:\Program Files (x86)\DFPinger\DFBHDPinger
This is the current pinger list as we have it.. I will try to update this every so often..

You must update us with Server IP and port so we can update the master config file.. This will eventially be automated on our forums page where you sign in under your profile.. We will try to add a server owner page where you can post your server ip along with port to update the master config file..

At the moment none of this has been done but is a working progress hopefully by the end of the week..

We would like to know more about the knowledge behind how pinger is written.. We eventially are hoping on a solution to automate this via a webpage possibly but this is way down the road provided Novaworld goes down completely..

If you are a Nova Employee that is reading this please get in touch with me I left my phone number on your answering service and I am willing to host a backup solution if need to keep this going.. I know this will cause everyone to have to update through a patch but having two servers running primary and backup is better than nothing.. We just need the info on how its being done and if your willing we would be happy to continue your great work!
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